Getting Your Waxing Before Going On Vacation

Have a big island vacation coming up? It is going to be a lot of fun, but you will also not be wearing as many clothes in such conditions. You need to learn that waxing is necessary before such a vacation where you might wear a bikini and/or go shirtless (for men). 

You need waxing hair removal treatments to be completed at a local spa. What type of treatment should you be getting if you will be heading towards an island in the near future for your vacation? The following waxing treatments are great for you.


This is a comprehensive waxing treatment. The ‘Brazilian’ looks to remove all hair in the pelvic region. This would be everything that is covered and not covered by the bikini. You remove all of it. Visit your nearlest El Cajon waxing salon to get ready for that new bikini.

For some, this is too much, for others it is necessary. You decide because it does remove all hair in that region.

Bikini (If Not Going With Brazilian)

Do you think the Brazilian might be too much for you? Bikini waxing says it all through the name it has. This type of waxing will only look at the parts that are visible when you are wearing a bikini. This would be the front and sides of the pelvic region rather than everything in between too as you would get with the Brazilian.

You have to decide if that is better than the Brazilian for you. 

General Waxing

If you have problem areas such as chest hair for men, it would be smart to wax it off before you go to the island. Men will generally be shirtless and the hair might not be as appealing. For women, you might want to target the legs, arms, and underarms before going to the island.

These areas will be exposed when you put on a bikini on the island. If you plan on doing this, you should get those areas targeted and handled by the specialist who is doing the waxing.

The island vacation will be loads of fun and you won’t even notice anything else, but if you are embarrassed about your body hair the entire trip, it could put you off entirely. It is critical to have the treatments done in a positive manner and with a real purpose.

Waxing treatments are great especially for vacations on the island because they will last for at least a month. You won’t even have to take out that razor once.